Insufficient Imagination

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Poems
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I missed you last night.
Your fingers dancing across
the keys at the club. Conjuring
up jazz, blues, a bit of pop. Half
your solos are improvised. I hear
the melodies now as your foot repeatedly
scuffs the floor in time with the music.
Stuck in a cabin with forty other girls,
I must imagine.

The orange walls reverberate with bass.
Pictures of old jazz greats nod their respects.
Table after table, friends and colleagues sip
alcohol, drinking in your smooth baritone.
It’d be such change from the high pitched laughter.
Everyone claps along, gives you a standing
ovation when it’s over. I’m sorry I missed it.
You must have had a hell of a time.

Copyright Danielle Meeker 2011

  1. purple says:

    Your strength is in your storytelling, something that easily shines through in each poem you have posted. I enjoyed going through all of your poems. Keep writing!

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