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Breathe Me

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Poems
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She’s mesmerizing, each movement
quick, crisp, clean. Seated in the back
I can feel her energy pulsing. The stage
vibrates with electricity. Twenty others,
but my eye goes straight to her. Music
pounding, I’m on the edge of my seat staring.
I don’t blink.

Dark hair swings as she changes
formations. Sharp shifts from one motion
to another make others seem out of sync.
Lackadaisical is not in her vocabulary.
No wonder she is the leader, the one
people strive to be like.
She is a dancer.

Copyright Danielle Meeker 2011


Chocolate, For You

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Poems
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I made this for you.
A steaming mug of chocolate,
fresh from the saucepan. Bubbling
away on the stove, steam poured out.
When I finished it, sun began
peeking through the clouds.
You were still asleep, dreaming
of cheap beer and women.

It rushes into the ceramic mug,
a souvenir from the business trip
with your new assistant.
A dollop of whipped cream,
a few mini marshmallows.
I made it just for you.
I hope you burn your mouth.

Copyright Danielle Meeker 2011

Insufficient Imagination

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Poems
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I missed you last night.
Your fingers dancing across
the keys at the club. Conjuring
up jazz, blues, a bit of pop. Half
your solos are improvised. I hear
the melodies now as your foot repeatedly
scuffs the floor in time with the music.
Stuck in a cabin with forty other girls,
I must imagine.

The orange walls reverberate with bass.
Pictures of old jazz greats nod their respects.
Table after table, friends and colleagues sip
alcohol, drinking in your smooth baritone.
It’d be such change from the high pitched laughter.
Everyone claps along, gives you a standing
ovation when it’s over. I’m sorry I missed it.
You must have had a hell of a time.

Copyright Danielle Meeker 2011

Seagull On 6th Ave

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Poems
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I look up to see a seagull,
wobbling down the sidewalk.
So far from the sea,
he waddles, unconcerned with cars.
I sit transfixed,
fear in my eyes. I’m glued to him
as he starts across the street.

The bird, beak pointed
to the darkened sky, sees
the lights of an oncoming
car. He steps to the side and sits.
Headlights fade, he shuffles
to the other side,
and I go back to my book.
He knew all along.


Posted: November 14, 2011 in Poems
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She wears a wreath of white
baby’s breath in her hair. Sitting in
the meadow, she touches the purple
mark on her cheek, the sting a silent
reminder that she didn’t love him
enough. She grazes the burn across
her wrist, the painful souvenir
that she didn’t obey him enough.
She removes the crown and
tosses it to the water below. It floats
for a moment, then sinks.

Copyright Danielle Meeker 2011

My Moon Man

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Poems
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Silvery flakes float down, sparkling in the bright
light of the late autumn moon. The blackbird,
seated on a willow branch looks toward the sky.
A single caw escapes its beak, shattering the silence
of the night. The owl on my left, yellow eyes blinking,
hoots a reply. The still air evokes quiet solitude
as the village sleeps, and I sit alone, staring at the moon.
I know the moon is more than the gray, crater
filled rock everyone sees. I want the stars to send me
to the moon, to prove there’s really a man living
there, fishing off the side when it becomes a crescent.
I’ll bring back metallic fish scales. Everyone gets one.
Then they will believe me. Or I could stay forever, forget everyone,
and live with the craters, fish, and stars,
me and my moon man together.

Copyright 2011 Danielle Meeker

The Uprooted Strike Back

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Poems
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Laying down on a blanket I enjoy
music drifting in my ears.
Between my fingers twirls a blade
of grass, plucked from the earth.
I, the Grim Reaper of nature,
wink at it malevolently. More get
uprooted from their homes for
my sadistic pleasure. They are fun
to poke, prod, and dissect.
Moments later I look up from
examining one and see an army,
ready and waiting. In unison, they wink.

Copyright Danielle Meeker 2011