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Breathe Me

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Poems
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She’s mesmerizing, each movement
quick, crisp, clean. Seated in the back
I can feel her energy pulsing. The stage
vibrates with electricity. Twenty others,
but my eye goes straight to her. Music
pounding, I’m on the edge of my seat staring.
I don’t blink.

Dark hair swings as she changes
formations. Sharp shifts from one motion
to another make others seem out of sync.
Lackadaisical is not in her vocabulary.
No wonder she is the leader, the one
people strive to be like.
She is a dancer.

Copyright Danielle Meeker 2011


The Dance

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Poems
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She moves toward him
Step by step.
Hand extended
He grabs her and
They start to dance.

Swirl, swirl, step.
One two three
One two three.
They flow together
One move after
The other.

She twirls and he
Catches her. But suddenly
It vanishes. The
Dance is done. The
Hour is over. They will
Never meet again.
But then again,
They never really met.

Copyright 2010 Danielle Meeker


Posted: September 22, 2010 in Poems
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The confusion takes hold
Of you. A circular
Motion, step step step.
Toes are stepped on.
One can get it, the other
Can’t. Others come to
Help, but aren’t sure
Either. Finally it is
Solved. The steps
Make sense. But
Not for long…

Copyright 2010 Danielle Meeker